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Chain of Doubt
I didn’t want to be cruel
So I showed restraint when filled with anger
I didn’t want to be aggressive
So I avoided confrontation and violence
I didn’t want to be manipulative
So I refused to take a position of authority
I didn’t want to be mislead
So I constantly doubted myself and my views
I didn’t want to be a failure
So I didn’t take chances that were too risky
I didn’t want to do any wrong
So I failed to act on my ability to do right
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The Pamphleteer
Your words inspired the masses
And encouraged them to take a stand
But how quickly the people turned against you
And cast you aside with a flick of the hand
From the Isles’ of home you sailed
With The Prophet of Tolerance’s aid
And in the City of Brothers during debates of rebellion
It was you who would persuade
The sense of revolution became common
With your writings fanning the flames
Undergoing the fatigue of this noble cause
And becoming a distinguished name
The war was soon over, but not for you
As duty called from back across the oceans
New battles needed to be fought for freedom
So you journeyed on to promote your radical notions
But things went awry in your quest for reason
For this became an age of repression and dread
As those in power grew hostile, you were judged as a traitor
And just barely managed to keep your head
Your final work was your undoing
Which destroyed the reputation you once possessed
For daring to critique the superstitions of the day
The people n
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Celestial North Korea
When I first reached the afterlife, I was filled with excitement. What believer wouldn’t be? It’s what we had been waiting for throughout our entire mortal lives. What our pastors and priests on Earth had assured us would be our final resting place in the great beyond. I would at last be reunited with my parents; I would experience the joy of all the pleasures of the universe in a realm without pain or tears; I would stand in the presence of the Almighty and be with Him for eternity, feeling a kind of love and happiness unobtainable on Earth. The promises of all these things kept me in anticipation for the day my soul would ascend to Paradise.
But then once I finally arrived, and I had a look around the ethereal Kingdom, I noticed that it didn’t look quite like how I imagined it would be. There were no pearly gates, no streets of gold, no fluffy clouds, not even St. Peter at the entrance to check if our names were in the Book of Life. Just a strange void filled with r
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Liberty Enlightening the World
I’ve seen you in photos, but never up close
Your legacy is known far and wide
The statue of freedom and opportunity
That lights the New York seaside
Your city would look barren without you
You testament of hope and good will
Though these days, I fear that what you symbolize
Will soon be buried in a landfill
If the ideals you embody are taken away
Will you still be the same?
Or shall you take on a new meaning
And set the old ones aflame?
Will you throw down the torch of the past
And take up the sword of tyranny?
Cutting down the tired and poor
In some cruel twist of irony?
Will you use the chains at your feet
To bind those you once adored?
Shall you cast out the ones you welcomed
And lock shut the golden door?
Is this what will become of you
If oppression has its way?
To be gilded in pledges of freedom
While in reality succumbing to decay?
Or will you remain steadfast to your principles
And refuse to be a puppet of some regime?
To resist ignorance and hatred
And revive the America
:iconfreedomfighter6:Freedomfighter6 1 0
Fall of the Galactic Republic
The fighting is over, yet no one cheers
The war has been won, but we have lost even so
All we held dear is no more
As we allowed tyranny to silently grow
For years our Republic decayed, as we were distracted
War spread through the planets, tearing our union apart
Desperate for security, we sacrificed our freedom
For we thought he had our best interests at heart
We barely even fought our own battles
Our artificial army had that under control
We stayed home, safe from the war
While they fought for us, regardless of the death toll
The troops were led by our esteemed guardians
That ancient order of robed knights
Who since the dawn of our government
Had pledged to uphold our rights
But our protectors were branded traitors
In a heinous act of calumny
The friends and allies that stood by us for millennia
Now just bodies strewn throughout the galaxy
Killed by the soldiers under their direction
And betrayed by one of their own
With the execution of a single command
Their entire order was overth
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The Blood of Tyrants and Patriots
It was a dreary winter night in Annapolis, Maryland. Outside, in a neighborhood by the historic district, the houses on the street were being pounded by freezing rain, making small indents into the snow on the rooftops. There was only one building on this street that still had its lights on at this hour.
Inside this house, Senator Douglas Coughlan stood alone in his living room, watching the storm from the window as he stared in silent contemplation. He slowly turned his gaze to the fireplace, watching the searing embers crackle and burn, wrestling with the toughest decision of his entire life.
In his left hand, he held an anonymous letter that he had received under his front door. In his right, he held his cellphone opened up to his contact list. He had opened the letter about an hour earlier, discovering detailed plans of a plot to assassinate Richard Cortis, the senator’s challenger in the race for the party’s nomination. The conflict in Coughlan’s mind had now bec
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As I stand before your grave, I can’t think of a single good thing to say about you. Not one good memory comes to mind. You lied to me. Mentally abused me. Had me cower in fear at the very thought of your disapproval. You were a psychotic and hateful person. I won’t go so far as to say that I’m glad you’re dead, but I am relieved that I don’t have to worry about you showing up in my life anymore.
Does that make me heartless to say such things? Am I wrong for not crying like everyone else, or even feeling sad at all? I don’t know, but I suppose this will be the last time I ever see you. Goodbye, and good riddance.
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Who I am is a question I have still yet to answer      
Because the answer always changes before I can set it in stone    
I could use my labels: Introvert, Atheist, Brony, but what for?
Those words alone do not tell my whole story
Besides, those can all change, and I’d never be able to predict otherwise  
We’re not static beings, you and I
We change with our life experiences
It’d be foolish to think we’ll always remain as we are
Who I am right now will likely be a stranger to me within a decade
I’m not even who I was just two years ago, let alone ten
“Who I am” has shifted with the sands of time
From “Scared suck-up vying for the approval of authority figures”
To “Long-haired, denim jacket adorned Metalhead, nostalgic for the ‘80s”
To “Idealistic patriot wanting to devote his life to God and Country”
All these things describe me as I was, not as I am
Things I used to hold dear are no longer relevant
Ideas I thought I would always believe in are now alien
My past selves are like different people to me now
Reminders of all my embarrassments and mistakes
I’ve been cowardly, misguided, pretentious, and just plain stupid
There’s hardly anything I can look back on with a sense of pride
And I predict it will be the same routine going forward
I suppose that makes part of my personality consistent, though
In the end, I’m just an idiot, becoming less idiotic as time goes on


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United States
Student of history (majoring in it in college) and an appreciator of art. I like listening to music, watching YouTube videos, and spending time with my friends.

I still have much to learn in life, but over time I hope to improve myself and do something worthwhile.



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